Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Watching the world go by...

Here she is today, watching the morning traffic. Its a really busy road that she has chosen to live by, its one of the main routes into the city and its near to the ambulance station so there are sirens blaring day and night. We have the luxury of double glazing that cuts most of it out- she doesn't.I have also been thinking more about what she is and I am now leaning more towards Jan's suggestion that she is a song thrush as according to the books and websites I have looked at, starling females are not brown.
In this zoomed in view you can see a bit clearer the speckles on her chest. I have been using this Bird Identifier tool from the RSPB which has helped a bit. I really need her to stand up next to the nest so I can see her properly.

I am waiting to see if she will leave the nest this morning- I want to see if she has laid any more eggs.

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  1. So amazing - I'm so worried in case they all fall out!!