Monday, 1 March 2010

How it all started...

Looking out of my window last week I noticed a birds nest perched precariously on top of a lamp post. It was just a bare ring of twigs and I wasn't sure if it was new or just an old one I hadn't noticed before.

Over the course of last week I noticed the nest was growing, the sides being built up and the inside getting padded with moss and grass.

Then this morning I saw her, sat in the nest...

I am yet to work out what she is, my best guess so far is a starling, but its really hard to see her against the nest, and my camera is not good enough to get a decent photo.

Let me know if you can give me any more information on this!


  1. Not too good with birds - I'm probably wrong (big time) but does a thrush look like that??

  2. I really dont know! They are all brown. The only thing making me think she is a Starling is that I have seen Starlings 'Moot' (when they swarm in huge flocks) several times at the other side of our flats so I know they are about.